We are giving back to those who have sacrificed so much.

Our Mission

Serving Veterans of all ages.

We are a treatment home for Veterans of every age and from any where in the country.  We provide an environment of support, assistance with life’s challenges and ongoing support.  Support doesn’t end when treatment ends.  We work to form relationships with our veterans that will last a lifetime.  

Healing body, mind and spirit.

Our program is individualized to each Veteran.  We provide a thorough assessment to identify specific areas needing attention, such as, education, vocational training, mental health, legal issues, budgeting etc. 

Restoring Honor

We feel that there are many similarities between a patriot and a pit bull.  Neither ever goes searching for trouble, but they are always ready if it finds them.  Patriots and Pit Bulls are both loyal, determined and brave and are faithful in their service.  

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Become a part of the Solution!

I hear many people say, I want to do something to help.  Our farm is the beginning of a patriotic movement to help our heroic veterans. 

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