Board Members

Kathleen and Krissy Cuce

Kathleen and Kristina Cuce founded Cuce Shoes in 2010.  A business endeavor that has landed them several spots on HSN, as a result of their dedication and determination.  Chatty and Krissy were raised in a family that taught the values of family and community.  Their father and mother founded several family restaurants where they were taught the value of a strong work ethic, strong family relationships and building a strong community.  These three values are apparent in everything Chatty and Krissy seek out to achieve.  In addition to building a successful company that fills a gap in women’s NFL and NHL apparel with cruelty free products, they are also ambassadors for the welfare of so many pups (mostly PitBull Mix)  that are suffering from horrific situations and in need of rescue.  Chatty and Krissy are literally human angels to many dogs that didn’t have but one last chance.  These pups hit the jackpot when these two angels show up.  Chatty and her husband Jason, have two pitbull rescues, Rosie and Bubba.  Krissy and her husband Rich, have two pitbull rescues, Chaz and Chops.   (Bio written by Karen). 

Bobby Akers

Matthew Erickson


Nick Conda

 Nick was born and raised in the small town of Marshall Colorado,  He graduated and joined the Navy. His first duty station was through ClinPacFit, operation Stonewall in Vietnam.  He was the driver for the Duty Commander and Vice Admiral and many other foreign dignitaries. Discharge from Navy was in 1975.    

Nick then moved back to Colorado and worked at the family business, Gravel, Excavating and Trucking.  He and three siblings bought the family business. He worked with Schwann Bicycle providing $400,000 worth of bicycles to Native American children and young adults.  He has worked with Native American elders and spiritual leaders, learning their ways to help heal the spirit.  Nick has one of his sculptures on display at the Mountain View Cemetary, where it is placed over a vault of pictures and memorabilia left at the portable Vietnam memorial wall.  The sculpture represents the spirit inside of the men and women who were in Vietnam and how it affected them then and now.  

“I am the luckiest man on this planet, married to a wonderful woman, Barbara Roberts Conda. We have two wonderful daughters, Nikki and Krissy and 3 wonderful grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Gennaro and Belle.”

Gordon Bradshaw