Why do this?

Why Patriots?

First and foremost, I suppose my upbringing plays a big part of my patriotism.  I was raised in a small community in Nebraska that honored the Veterans in our community for the sacrifices they made for us.  I had many family members that served as well.   Every Friday in Music class we’d sing the fight song for every branch of the Military.  We were taught to love and honor those that have given so much.  

In 2010 I began working with service members in my private practice.  I’ve seen hundeds of service members, thousand of sessions.  This experience changed me.  It was an honor to share in the stories of these honorable individuals.  At that time, I wanted to do more, but at every avenue there was a wall, so apparently that wasn’t the right time because nothing was falling into place.  So here I am in 2018 and my dream is coming true.  All the plans that have been formulating in my mind are now being put to paper and will evolve in what God’s plan is for this place.  I have learned an infinite amount of wisdom from the guys I’ve worked with in the past, and now I get the honor of being part of the healing process for all the veterans that find themselves at Patriots and Pit Bulls on Lake Gaston.  

Why Pit Bulls?  

We have rescued 3 pit bulls from some horrible situations.  What we’ve learned from them is that they are simply misunderstood.  They have things we understand about them that makes them unique to our family.  I read once that rescue animals are not broken, they have simply experienced more life than other animals.  If they were human, we would call them wise and we would listen to their stories and learn from them.  They were dealt a bad hand and responded with courage. 

Thank you for your support,

Karen Hazen-Els PhD, LPC