Treatment Program

10-day Program

Arrive on Monday, leave 11 days later on Friday.  Program will provide a culture of family and an approach of ongoing support to solve life’s problems.  Dr. Hazen-Els is a licensed mental health therapist and will address mental health issues, spiritual issues, etc.  David Els has a teaching degree, and MBA and has been in the construction business for 40 years.  He was raised in a family that built a community and employed, as well as trained many individuals to become successful in their trades.  The program is customized to the needs of the Veteran.  Karen will be on site every day and available for individual sessions, however therapy can happen the kitchen preparing a meal, in the yard, walking the dogs, etc.   David Els will be on site daily to address vocational interests.  There will be a daily list of projects and tasks to be accomplished, demonstrating the importance of keeping oneself busy, while enabling veterans to recognize the importance of such a practice.   Each person will leave with a plan and a phone number.  We are family.

Announce coming events

We have located a 4 1/2 acre farm in Littleton, NC. We are in the process of finding partners to help us procure the property and do light remodeling to prepare for our 8 Veterans and up to 6 dogs.  We trust that God will prepare us for the path.  Our goal is to run our first 10 day program the first part of June 2018.  

Share the big news

We will keep our partners and interested parties notified thru the website, facebook, instagram and twitter as to the process of our plan.  I can’t wait to say, we’ve got the farm and we are partnering with our community to begin being a part of the solution in healing our Veterans.